International Business Partners 

  • Our own exclusive brand created in June, 2020.

  • The Origin of Onggi pottery dates back to around 4000 to 5000 BC where Korean clay pottery has been traditionally used for storing and cooking foods.

  • One of the most important characteristics of Onggi pottery is its microscopic porosity that enables air to enter and block moisture to help preservation and fermentation of foods - a popular tradition of Korean cuisine.

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  • Established in 1975

  • One of the leading companies in kitchen utensil industry

  • Speciallizes in Portable Gas Stoves & Portable Butane Gas

  • 31+ years of business experience 

  •  Worldwide based business / Sales at 119 countries  

  • One of the most popular and trusted brands 

  • 2015 Sales : $11,153,023 per a day 

  • A  leading company for Coated pan & pot industry

  • Have 2 special patent rights 

  • Sells cookwares over 21 countries  

  • Established in 1965

  • Exports in over 30 countries 

  • Specializes on both Honey liquid and powder type of tea  

  • One of the leading companies for oriental herb in the US

  • Specializes on Herb tea

  • Produces  +100 items  

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  • Arc International, a French glass manufacturing company established in 1825, presently in 160 countries today,

  • Luminarc is Arc's leading brand, offering a worldwide variety of products with different styles, patterns and colors in ultra-resistant, high quality and trendy tableware.

  • Amazon choice for glass cooking pots

  •  E-jen container products keeps the flavor of food from beginning to the end of the storage.

  • E-jen is a storage science based on the rule of zero-stale smell, zero-mold, zero-top layer and zero air.

  • Intended for kimchi fermentation and storage based on the vacuum sealing inner lid, no need for messy and heavy jars.

  • Amazon choice item for kimchi container.

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  • Founded in 1971, specializes in producing sweets only from traditional confectionery with a blend of modern snacks, with the highest priority on customer happiness and satisfaction, and delivering sustainable values beyond those with a sense of responsibility to society and the environment.